About me

My name is Natallia Sakevich. I am a BASI®️ Pilates Teacher and Personal Trainer. I teach private and semi-private sessions in Naples, Italy and Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

I feel very fortunate to get to know Julie Tupler and to become a Tupler Technique®️ Trainer. My clients who struggle with Diastasis Recti can now benefit from this technique without undergoing surgery.
I work with clients of all ages and levels of ability, but am particularly passionate about working with women during their pregnancy and postpartum period.

The following is the list of the professional courses and development workshops I attended to boost my knowledge and skills:

BASI® Mat Program, Italy; BASI® Comprehensive Global Program, Italy; BASI® Mentor Program (’18,’21), Italy; BASI® Master 1 Program, USA; BASI® Master 2 Program, USA; Pilates Through Pregnancy and Beyond;  Pelvic Balance; Enhancing Athletic Performance; Pilates for Scoliosis; Pilates e Postura; Powerhouse Of The Upper Girdle; F2 System; Evolution of the Spine Corrector; The Multi-Dimensional Powerhouse; Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies; Alla scoperta dei feedback dei piccoli attrezzi; The Powerhouse and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation; Turning Back to move Forward; Blackroll® Trainer; Finding the Perfect Pitch; Dynamic Duo: Back and Shoulders; Pilates for the Mature Client; Pilates for the Athlete using the Wunda Chair and Foam Roller TheraBand Over-Ball; Personal Trainer ISSA Europe; Learn from the Leaders California; Pilates Mat Work for the Mature Client; Hollowing and Bracing; Il Powerhouse e la riabilitazione del PP; ATS Advanced Training System; Barefoot Training Specialist; Athletic Longevity: Living your Best Athletic Life; Barehand Training Specialist; Setup for Success; Specialista in Esercizio Correttivo; Pilates for the Athlete; Art Of Cueing; Mobility Of The Lower Spine; Brain Based Pilates; The Right Touch; Pilates for the Mature Client; The Vital Role of the Psoas; Pilates for Teens; Shape up for New Moms/Pre-Post Natal; Movement Heals, a Path to Recovery; Stretching within Strengthening; Standing Pilates; The Art of Anatomical-Tactile Cueing; Power of Aging; Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery®.

I see Pilates as a natural link between therapy and fitness. It’s a perfect way to fulfill my desire to help people feel good in their bodies.
I teach in Italian, English and Russian.

Tupler Certified Professional